17 03, 2021

Integration, Services, Embedded Analytics… Uhh? d/\b Insight Platform!

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Hi folk! After long time I am again here to write a new post. Do not know but I guess it is almost about 1 year that I keep silent on my blog. Tote Hose in german :-).

30 11, 2019

✅ Qlik Sense Master Items via Qlik Load Script => DONE!

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Master Items Management directly via Script? Some time ago it seems to be mission impossible, but since Qlik enabled the Server Side Extension (SSE) this not anymore a chimera...

11 08, 2019

The power of Qlik Core – Refugees project Demo (video)

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A few months back, I was taking part to the Qlik Master API Summit where I made my first experience with Qlik Core, a Dockerized version of Qlik’s associative data engine...

24 12, 2018

Qliklab Christmas and New Year gift!

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Christmas time is behind the door and I’m in a festive mood, so today I have a short post to wish all Qlikies around the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A green gift is waiting ...


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