Christmas time is behind the door and I’m in a festive mood, so today I have a short post to wish all Qlikies around the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For the end of the year I would like to give you a little green present which maybe can be helpul when it comes to design and develop your Qlik App.

How many times have you had the usecase where you are using variables for your datepicker or just for it as an input box field for making some simulation and changing the behaviour of your app? And how many times the business analyst or the end user of your app have been using the bookmark functionality for storing the app state and selections?

And how many times have you got the question:

“Why the variables are not being stored into the bookmark like any other selections?”

Working as a BI consultant with focus on Qlik I heared that questions many time.
As Qlik is still not offering the possibilty to include variables into Bookmark when it comes to the variable definition I had to answer to my customer that this feature is still not available in Qliksense. So to come around this problem I have developed a little, let’s call it, Helper Extensions which allows us to include variables into bookmark.

For this purpose I have used the enigma library which acts as a wrapper library on the top of the Engine API and the Variable methods calls to override the variable definition by setting some new properties, whereby the qIncludeInBookmark is the one who allows us to include a variable into a bookmark, per default it is set to false.
Following methods on the enigmaModel were used:

And this is the final result of the extensions which includes a simple HTML UI interface which allows us to inlcude/exclude variables into bookmarks.


You can find the extension on my Github profile and soon also as a garden project on Qlikbranch!

Have fun and see/hear from you next year! 🙂