I came across the QlikBot topic this early July when It was presented at the Qlik Event in Düsseldorf. I found the Idea to create a conversational analytics bot exciting and innovative. So in few months I have developed an own version which integrates well with different technologies using AI and Cognitive Services to be able to learn by its own and provide a great user experience. Still a beta version but working. The idea is to extend it also to other BI products using a scalabe service oriented Architecture.

For more info please visit the project website: http://www.botyiscoming.ch

I will bring some interesting articles on this blog of how to create and approach the Bot topics and provide some code snippet as well.
So stay tuned on my blog! And if you have some ideas to share or some questions to ask just drop me a line! You know where! 😉
Additionaly I learned today that Qlik will provide an open source version of the QlikBot within the end of this year, which should server as basis for future advanced integration of many other advanced Qlik Bots: Qlik Branch BlogMaybe there is the possibility to collaborate actively to the Qlik Bot community with integration of other interesting functionalities. Lets see what the Qlik guys are thinking about it 😉 !


In the meantime here the demo of our Alpha Version: